Thursday, July 28, 2011

"The American Debt Issue"

So America has a ton of debt. And all I read in the newspaper right now is how no one can come to an agreement. And the reason always given is the clashing of political parties. How they have these ideals that are inherent to their party and they cannot stray from such ideals. America is going to default, at least it looks like it right now, pretty assuredly. You would think that would promote a sense of forgetting the parties and coming together to just do what needs to be done. The important thing right now is not making everyone happy, it is fixing a financial crisis. When you, at home, are having financial troubles and are in lots of debt, you aren't thinking about making everyone happy. You are thinking about how to produce revenue and cut spending. Sacrafices and what has to be done.

Also of importance is not just looking at remodeling the system as a solution. We need to think expansion. We need to think of more than just taxes and budgets. You make money by selling a product and providing for yourself. You are cutting spending by utilizing your own resources. We need to think production. We need to think innovation. We will soon no longer be the most technologically advanced country at this rate. We are losing our edge over the world. What is necessary is not just remodeling the current system. It's expanding upon it, remodeling it, and undoing mistakes made before. I look at Obama, and the current system, and I hear a lot of talk, but I see little action. I haven't seen much change since his election.

Funny comments here now. I was speaking with my grandfather and he brought up Obama and Harvard. He asked me if I was going to go there after graduating my undergraduate studies. He said Obama "talks a lot of bull shit" lol (he doesn't speak english very well). I told him he's good at it cause that's what they teach at Harvard. I don't really think that, but it was funny at the time.

Also, the newspaper says the debt solutions keep messing their math up. Haha, read one paragraph up. Seriously, who are we electing? These people should be top notch economists and mathmaticians advising. Our representatives should be well educated and very math capable even on their own. I just can't help but laugh.

"Morgan Freeman"

If I could meet anyone in the world, Morgan Freeman would without a doubt be on my people to meet list. And it couldn't just be one conversation lol, it'd have to be a series. And if God had a voice, it would be Morgan Freeman's. And Morgan Freeman meeting Nelson Mandela, that had to be quite the conversation. I would just want to listen to it, spectating haha. A lot of respect for the both of them.

"Checking In"

So just checking in...

I got a new haircut. Probably the best of my life. Looks really good and I'm really happy with it. The lady did an awesome job.

I've been eating cookies with milk and such, though sparingly, only once a day, and in moderation. God what I'd give to eat like a fat kid and not have to worry about putting on unhealthy weight lol.

Exercise makes you feel great and motivates you to do things other than just play video games all day.

Helped Kareem teach Salsa at the Y. Was really fun and I did a surprisingly good job in my opinion. People caught on well with my instructing and had a fun time.

Enjoy life and have fun with everything you do. Treat it all like a game. And you're your character. It's just not an advanced pace of time and it's much more in depth and the experience is the ultimate first person. Just a cool thought.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So according to my grandfather, the three big issues with America right now and why shit's gone so bad lol:

1 We don't produce here anymore, it's all China
2 We put too much into paying the American bureacracy and those who work it (politicians)
3 Welfare supports like 60 million people (wtf lol)

As for myself, I think it also has to do with the fact everyone wants a high paying and easy service job (that produces little) and takes a college education. I believe in college educations, but not when everyone wants to be the same stuff. Who wants to be a plumber anymore? That's an important job, and it would help if they got paid better too. People don't want to be farmers anymore either. It's all lawyers and doctors and engineers. Let's face it, not everyone is cut out to be a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. And all those people chillin' on welfare and unemployment checks, there should be jobs being made at the basic level for them, such as factory workers, farmers, and labor.

As those jobs are established, those industries support population growth (which adds to unemployment naturally) by providing resources and base jobs and the expansion of other idustries, making more advanced less basic jobs come to fruition. Look at Rome, they stopped farming and producing and started outsourcing much like we are doing now, and they got beat, beat by those they outsourced to even (the barbarians and such), like China (who is whoopin' our arse).

Another thing is all the money we give away to other countries. We cannot afford to be doing that. And we need to think of ourselves first. It's real nice giving away money to those less fortunate. But you got to think if it's a good idea if your in really bad friggin' debt lol. It's another story if your bathing in money.

Stop giving money away. And start building from the ground up. Back to basics. No fancy strategies and solutions.

"The pot is no longer empty, and it's spilling over at the brim."

So reading the newspaper this morning, I came across an article stating that whites have 20 times the wealth of blacks and 18 times that of hispanics. But I really don't care about that, even being Cuban myself. It's the thought this spurred that's more important.

So America is supposed to be this great melting pot of cultures. Which it was. But I don't think America is anymore. Now there is a distinct American culture and race, most defined by the stereotypical white American. They may be Italian, Spanish, Irish, German, whatever, but they all seem pretty much the same now, a white American. And now the incoming immigrants, and no not just Mexicans, are non-Americans. See where I'm going with this? We have an established culture now. And Americans are not assimilating others very well. The pot is no longer empty, and it's spilling over at the brim. We are a young country, and before people of different cultures would come and the primary culture was not established. America was only a melting pot in its youth, but not so much any longer. It can't be. Throw in another culture and there may be a slight change, but the stew in the pot remains pretty much the same.

More to come on the possible effect of this... After I mull it over some more.

"South Park & Cake"

I think I've seen over 200 South Park episodes in maybe... two weeks or less? Haha. It's now my favorite show ever. Two and a Half Men is definitely a close second though. I don't think it will be the same without Charlie though.

It's crazy to think how I grew up. Fairly sheltered. I know I'm not the only one to grow up like that though :)

But anyways, I feel that having not watched South Park before could have impacted my social understanding back when, but oh well lol. I know that's past though, and no longer an issue. And not cause I just watched it ha, but cause I got thrown into the fire when I hit college lol. It's been a crazy past two years.

Oh, and I made a scrumdiddlyumptious chocolate brownie cake (with chocolate chips and chocolate fudge). Not a single drop of oil used. Actually a viable healthy food. I used milk! And extra flour! And it definitely rivaled sex. I wasn't the only one to say such either.

Monday, July 25, 2011

"The Boat, Keys, and Kevin"

Going to the Keys in about a week and a half. Picked up the boat at my grandmother's with Aaron (my older little brother) to fix it up. It hasn't been used in years, but turns out it's in pretty good condition. Should be starting it up tomorrow, then just fixing the steering and a little cleaning.

In other news, Kevin Doremus (the best senior RA roommate a freshman could ever have) is coming to Tampa tomorrow for good. Good times should ensue, including when Chip & Steve (two best friends) come back down.